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Dr Rachel Matthews is a Melbourne author, lecturer and VCE English teacher. Recently, she completed a PhD in creative writing (a novel and exegesis). Her critically acclaimed debut novel ‘Vinyl Inside’ received strong press reviews and was highly commended by the Australian Vogel Award judges.

Her short fiction has been published in EQ magazine, educational and writing journals. She has over 15 years’ experience as an educator within a diverse range of learning environments, including lecturing in RMIT’s Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing, teaching within international settings and the RVIB. Rachel is also an experienced presenter with the Melbourne Writer’s festival, the Vic Association for Teachers of English State Conference and National Young Writer’s festival.

Rachel is also a contributor to news media and has had articles published in The Age.

PhD (Creative Writing)

A PhD project with Victoria University, examines sexual violence within football culture and the madness of contemporary Australian life.

The project was recently highly commended by examiners in May 2015.

Associate Degree Professional Writing and Editing RMIT – Writing Workshop (fiction)

This course gives you an opportunity to develop a written work to industry readiness through discussion and workshopping. By redrafting, and refining your work, you strengthen your writing skills and learn to make independent decisions about the development of your project. You think critically about your own work and provide constructive feedback to others on their work. The focus of this course is on learning to work in a self directed way within a community of practice.

Rachel Matthews has been a lecturer and tutor in the Associate Degree Program for four years.

Writing Creative Fiction RMIT

This 10 week program covers all facets of fiction writing and is catered for all levels of experience. Unlock writer’s block and discover your hidden skills as a storyteller. For information and bookings go to http://www.shortcourses.rmit.edu.au

Rachel Matthews has been a program developer and tutor in this program for 6 years

Distance Education Centre Victoria

The DECV is a Victorian Government F-12 school and the leading provider of primary and secondary distance education for Victorian students, for more information go to www.distance.vic.edu.au. This school offers flexibility for students who are challenged by social, emotional, physical and geographical factors and is a leader in classroom technology.

Rachel Matthews has taught VCE English and Media studies at the DECV for 13 years.

I feel I have grown as a writer. I’m sure others would testify similarly. It must be a huge challenge taking on diverse groups like ours, yet I think Rachel succeeded brilliantly in keeping our attention and engagement as one group, as witnessed by our attendance rates. Rachel is a wonderfully attentive and empathetic listener. She can pick out the gems from the gravel, give them back as shining diamonds, and deliver criticism constructively and positively.

Tim, Introduction to Creative Fiction

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